Feldenkrais WA

Running with the Whole Body

Jack Heggie

If you run, walk or hike, this book was written for you. In the easy 30-day program, you will learn a series of exercises, based on the Feldenkrais Method® that will enable you to make dynamic improvements in your running and walking, and help you to become a smoother, more powerful runner. You will discover the "drive point" in your arms and shoulders and learn how to use your whole body to run faster with less effort and pain.



Lessons Include:


  • Feet, Hips and Shoulders (Standing & Walkking)
  • Muscles of the Back (On Back)
  • Connections in the Back (On Stomach)
  • The Hip Joints Alone (Side Lying)
  • The Shoulders Alone (Side Lying)
  • The Hips and Shoulders Together (Side Lying)
  • Hips and Shoulders (Standing)
  • Shoulders, Spine and Hips (Sitting on the Floor)
  • The Motion of the Feet (Standing)
  • The Drive Point (Standing)
  • Running with the Whole Body (Standing)

Jack Heggie



Welcome to our online shop for Feldenkrais resources by Australian and international practitioners. Whether you are young or elderly, have got back pain, a sore neck, knee issues, anxiety, neuro-muscular problems or would simply like to walk, run, play golf, rest or do anything else more efficiently and pleasurably, there's something here for you. *This is an eco-friendly business through reuse, recycling and carbon-offset.

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