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Running with the Whole Body

Jack Heggie

Running Training that Makes a Difference!

"I can't believe the difference these simple lessons have made in my running!" -M. Fredricks
"I can run faster than I have ever run in my entire life."

If you are looking for a training program that will make a substantial difference in your running, this 4-CD set is it! As we run, walk, and play sports, we develop habits in our movement. These habits can lead to less than optimal performance whether they are from injury or from improper self use. "Running with the Whole Body" retrains your muscles and changes these habits, improving your strength, coordination, distance and speed.

Running Tips that Go Beyond What to Do

The running tips in this program go way beyond telling you what to do. In the form of a lesson, they teach you how to move in ways that interrupt your old habits of running and reeducate your body to move in more efficient ways. Efficiency = increased speed and greater distance with less effort.

Ideal for:

• Serious Runners & Weekend Joggers
• Hikers & Walkers
• Football, Soccer & Baseball Players
• Cross Country Skiers, Skaters & Snowshoers
• Any Sport Where Good Running is Key

What are the Benefits of "Running with the Whole Body"?

• Faster walking and running
• Greater power
• Reduced risk of injury
• Improved coordination
• Improved sports performance
• Reduced pain
• Increased distance
• Less effort in walking and running
• Greater endurance

Program Contents:

Introduction (8:27)

Lesson 1: Shoulders, Hips and Feet (43:10)

Lesson 2: The Back Muscles (39:04)

Lesson 3: Back Muscle Connections (39:19)

Lesson 4: Crawling on the Belly (39:19)

Lesson 5: Crawling Hands and Knees (39:19)

Lesson 6: Drive Point in the Upper Body (39:28)

Lesson 7: Running with the Whole Body (21:34)

Jack Heggie


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