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Move Into Life

Anat Baniel

Anat Baniel spent many years training and working with Dr Moshe Feldenkrais. Her extensive experience is expressed in this book, 'Move into Life'. 

In "Move Into Life," you will: 
-Learn the Nine Essentials your brain requires to thrive, including movement with attention, subtlety, and variation
-Experience simple, safe physical and mental exercises that satisfy those needs and thus awaken your vitality 
-Discover why and how these methods work
- Find easy ways of incorporating the Essentials into your daily life so every activity-from washing the dishes to working at your desk, from interacting with your loved ones to your golf game-brings you renewed vitality 

The Anat Baniel Method will help you enjoy renewed energy and stamina. You'll be lighter on your feet. Your memory will be better. Thinking and problem solving will become easier. If you are active in a sport, yoga, or work out at the gym, you will notice yourself performing better and with greater ease and fewer injuries. Most important, you will experience yourself moving more fully into your life. 


Welcome to our online shop for Feldenkrais resources by Australian and international practitioners. Whether you are young or elderly, have got back pain, a sore neck, knee issues, anxiety, neuro-muscular problems or would simply like to walk, run, play golf, rest or do anything else more efficiently and pleasurably, there's something here for you. *This is an eco-friendly business through reuse, recycling and carbon-offset.

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