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Esalen Workshop CD set

Moshe Feldenkrais

Generations of practitioners have delighted in the brilliance and scope of Moshe's lessons given at the Esalen Retreat Centre in California in 1972. For years it was only available in written form and was thought that no audio record remained of this beloved workshop. In 2015, for the first time since then, the audio recordings of this groundbreaking course were discovered and made available to have and study at home!

The Esalen workshop was an extended program taught to a small group of professionals with the intention of introducing the participants to the breadth and depth of the Feldenkrais Method and eventually forming them as teachers of the Feldenkrais group work, Awareness Through Movement. The participants included many of the leading people in the humanistic psychology movement, thus the atmosphere was lively and Moshe was highly engaged. The course took place over a five-week period and included 46 outstanding Awareness Through Movement lessons (three of which do not appear in the manuscript version), each highly structured and suited for a 45 to 60 minute class. The lessons include versions of classic lessons not seen elsewhere and a range of powerful lessons unique to this setting. It is one of the most valuable teaching resources available to a professional Feldenkrais practitioner (IT IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO PROFESSIONAL FELDENKRAIS PRACTITIONERS AND STUDENT PRACTITIONERS).

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From the introduction to the manuscript by David Zemach-Bersin:

"I would suggest that The Esalen (workshop) is one of single most important documents we have of Feldenkrais' teaching of Awareness Through Movement. It is a veritable tour de force. The ATM lessons are taught in a clear and deliberate sequence of gathering complexity, giving us an unusual insight into Feldenkrais' pedagogical priorities and developmental thinking. In other words, we are able to see Feldenkrais explicating his thinking by the means of Awareness Through Movement, and we are able to infer exactly what was functionally and pedagogically most important to him. As an added bonus, Feldenkrais wants the participants to understand the theory behind what he is doing, and so he offers a level of explanation about the lessons not to be found anywhere else, except for in the San Francisco training program, which would begin in 1975".

Disc 1
  • 1. Introduction And General Remarks
  • 2. Scanning And General Remarks
  • 3. Lying On the Stomach And Lifting Head
  • 4. Tilting Crossed Legs
  • 5. Four Cardinal Points Of Support Of Body
  • 6. Theme And Variations Of Right Hip Joint
  • 7. Intro To Dial Movement Of the Pelvis
  • 8. First Of Spine Chain Series
  • 9. Actual & Mental Right Hip Symphony
  • 10. Tilting Legs Right And Left Lying On Stomach And Searching Middle
  • 11. Wringing the Shoulder Girdle
  • 12. Restoring Life To Hamstrings
  • 13. Re-Education Of the Eyes
  • 14. Differentiation Of Head Movement
  • 15. Abdomen And Chest In Breathing
Disc 2
  • 16. Foot Hip Discrimination
  • 17. Walking Backward
  • 18. Head through the Gate
  • 19. Mobilization Of the Right Side Only
  • 20. Furthering the Learning Of the First Lesson
  • 21. Flexors Mostly
  • 22. Jelly Pudding
  • 23. Left Shoulder Differentiation & Reintegration Into the Self Image
  • 24. Raising the Entire Self To Function With A Live Shoulder
  • 25. Exploring the Extensors Of the Back
  • 26. Foot Above the Head And Its Integration Into the Self Image
  • 27. Primitive Locomotion Coordinating the Locomotive Joints
  • 28. Rhythmic Coordination
  • 29. Differentiation Of Toes Increasing Awareness Of Toes In Action
  • 30. Exploring Floor Behind the Head Making the Bridge
  • 31. Looking For Yourself Cleaning the Left Side Of Your Self Image
  • 32. Concretizing the Self Image
    Disc 3
  • 33. Exploring the Outer Ranges Of Hands Behind the Head
  • 34. Elementary Eye Training
  • 35. Initiation In Rolling
  • 36. Getting Familiar With the Diagonals
  • 37. Introduction To Head Stand
  • 38. Elementary Attempts In Loving Oneself
  • 39. Making the Unthinkable Feasible
  • 40. Doing the Impossible Toad Movement
  • 41. Centering For Strength In Pelvis & Intelligence In Extremities
  • 42. Sensory Exploration Of Lips, Tongue, Mouth
  • 43. Becoming Aware Of Stretch Effects In Extensors through Exercising Flexors
  • 44. Pelvic Locomotion Differentiation Of Gluteals
  • 45. Extensors Put To Task
  • 46. Imagination And Action To Complete the Back Self Image


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