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Esalen Workshop Notes

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Esalen workshop was an extended program taught to a small group of professionals in 1972 with the intention of introducing the participants to the breadth and depth of the Feldenkrais Method and eventually forming them as teachers of the Feldenkrais group work, Awareness Through Movement. The participants included many of the leading people in the humanistic psychology movement, thus the atmosphere was lively and Moshe was highly engaged. The course took place over a five-week period and included 46 outstanding Awareness Through Movement lessons (three of which do not appear in the manuscript version), each highly structured and suited for a 45 to 60 minute class. The lessons include versions of classic lessons not seen elsewhere and a range of powerful lessons unique to this setting. It is one of the most valuable teaching resources available to a professional Feldenkrais practitioner (IT IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO PROFESSIONAL FELDENKRAIS PRACTITIONERS AND STUDENT PRACTITIONERS).

  1. Scanning
  2. Lifting Head, Legs, Arms
  3. Tilting Crossed Legs, Rotating the Spine
  4. Four Cardinal Points of Support on Hands & Feet, Sitting to the Right and Left
  5. Right Hip Joint. Lying Down—Raise Knee, Feet, Head & Shoulders
  6. Dial Movement of the Pelvis
  7. Spine Chain—Shoulder Girdle
  8. Hip Rotation
  9. Tilting Legs to Center
  10. Shoulder Rotation (Wringing)
  11. Lengthening Hamstrings
  12. Reeducation of the Eyes
  13. Head Turning (Cervical)
  14. Breath—Abdomen & Chest
  15. Foot/Hip Discrimination
  16. Getting Back Back
  17. Head Through the Gate
  18. Fundamental Properties (Introductory Lesson #1)
  19. On Stomach, Lengthening, Head Forward (Introductory Lesson #2)
  20. Flexors (Introductory Lesson #3)
  21. Pushing Hip Joints, Sliding Spine (Introductory Lesson #4)
  22. Left Should, Lying on Side (Introductory Lesson #5)
  23. Integrating Whole Body with the Improved Shoulder (Continued from Lesson #22)
  24. On Stomach, Bumping Knees (Introductory Lesson #6)
  25. Crawling, on Knees (Introductory Lesson #7)
  26. Rhythmic Coordination (Introductory Lesson #8)
  27. Awareness and Differentiation of the Toes
  28. Shoulder-Wrist Rotation and Bridge
  29. Painting the Left Side
  30. Measuring Body Distances & Lengths of Parts by Thoughts & Perception
  31. Movements of the Shoulder Blades
  32. Eye Exercises
  33. Introduction to Rolling
  34. Rolling with Knees Crossed, Holding Toes
  35. Introduction to Standing on Head
  36. Rapping Heels, Caressing Legs, Standing & Walking
  37. Fingertips Under Armpits
  38. Toad—the "Impossible" Lesson
  39. Mobilizing Pelvis Thrust
  40. Tongue
  41. Thorax & Back
  42. Buttocks & Pelvis
  43. Working Extensors of the Back

Moshe Feldenkrais, PhD


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