Feldenkrais WA

Calm Face, Calm Mind

Brigit Cosgrove

What are your habitual facial expressions? Do you feel yourself pursing your lips, frowning, or narrowing your eyes when you are concentrating, feeling anxious or angry, or your mind is racing?

At a little over 10 minutes long this lesson that some people call a natural facelift can easily fit into a busy life. Do it when you wake up, when you go to sleep, or any time you can find a few minutes lying down during the day. Once you've done it a couple of times, try it sitting up. As with most Awareness Through Movement lessons, repetition will help bring a more relaxed and expressive face into your daily life, and with it perhaps a clearer, calmer mind.

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NOTE: MacBook Air has been unable to download files from this website. However, as this is a smaller file than most others here and an m4a version is available, you may have more success. Kindly let me know how you go.


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