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Arlyn Zones

Arms! We use them so much every day throughout our lives and carry unnecessary tension in them. Sometimes this can cause pain, discomfort or tension in other areas of the body too such as the neck, chest and back. It can also affect our ability to breathe easily in these parts and overall, yet easy and flexible breathing is a key to our sense of well-being and effectiveness in the world.

This download is based on and mostly recorded at a public workshop in Perth, Western Australia, in January 2017. At the workshop the final Awareness Through Movement exploration was one that Moshe Feldenkrais dubbed "The Prayer Lesson". Unfortunately, due to recording difficulties, this lesson was unable to be included in the download.


Introduction (5:24)

Working With the Dominant Hand (52:26)

Differentiation of the Left Shoulder While Lying on the Right Side (53:08)

Caressing the Legs (49:41)

 Arlyn Zones, MA (Theatre Arts), began studying the Feldenkrais Method in 1977 and graduated from Dr. Feldenkrais' Training Program in the USA in 1983. She has maintained an active private practice since then, working with infants, children and adults. She has also taught in schools, clinics, hospitals, and has led special seminars for physical and occupational therapists. Arlyn became an assistant trainer of the Feldenkrais Method in 1988 and a trainer in 1994. She has taught extensively in the USA, Europe and Australia in more than 100 training programs. In addition, she teaches advanced seminars for Feldenkrais practitioners.



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