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The Busy Person's Guide to Easier Movement

Frank Wildman

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Subtitled "50 ways to achieve a healthy, happy, pain-free and intelligent body", in this indispensable book, Frank Wildman, PhD (Education) challenges you to move smarter instead of harder. Whether you are a “couch potato” or an athlete, you can use this book to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort in your everyday movement. The short lessons (movement sequences) include pictures to make them even easier to understand, and are a valuable resource for health professionals as well as for Feldenkrais practitioners who want to acquaint their clients with the benefits of this ingenious method of learning through the body.


Sitting in a Chair at Your Office or Home (12 lessons)

Reducing Tension in Your Jaw, Mouth, Face, and Neck (4 lessons)

Better Driving Lessons (3 lessons)

Dealing With Back Pain (11 lessons including 2 relating to the neck)

The Joy of Walking (6 lessons)

The Physical Act of Thinking (4 lessons)

Improving Your Breathing (3 lessons)

The Fast Road to Stress Relief (8 lessons)

As a person who is constantly on the go, I am getting amazing results from this book. I have learned how to keep in touch with my body by doing these quick and simple lessons...a must for any busy person who want to reduce stress and avoid pain. It's a winner!  - Paul Batson, Internet Communications Executive, NY

A treasure of concrete and succinct resources, both for the curious and the professionals...  - Yvan Joly, MA, Psychologist, Feldenkrais Trainer, Montreal

Muscle tension and stress lead to muscle aching and pains. If you wish to avoid or treat these symptoms in a natural, healthy, and non-medication way, this book is for you. Dr. Frank Wildman is a master teacher of the Feldenkrais Method. Highly recommended! - Paul Davidson, MD, Medical Director, Fibromyalgia Clinic, California

  Frank Wildman


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