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Feldenkrais WA is a primarily online shop with books, CDs, DVDs and downloads relating to the Feldenkrais Method. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us. We are based in Perth, Western Australia.  If you live near North Perth and would like to avoid postage costs please call or email to set up a time to come and collect your order.
The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education was developed by Russian-Israeli engineer, physicist and Judo master Moshe Feldenkrais, PhD. Feldenkrais initially began developing his system of sensory learning in the 1940's in a successful effort avoid then-primitive knee surgery after injuring it during a soccer game.
For more information about the Feldenkrais Method or to find a practitioner or classes near you, please visit The Australian Feldenkrais Guild website.
I’m Brigit Cosgrove, the owner of Feldenkrais WA. I have enjoyed the science, mindfulness, playfulness, and personal benefits of the Feldenkrais Method for the past 30 years and have been a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™ since 2009. I also have a Master’s degree in Community Environmental Psychology.

In 2017 I will not be available for individual sessions, though I will be continuing to develop and conduct short workshops on Feldenkrais for anxiety, including one for kids, with colleague and friend Molly Tipping.


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Welcome to Perth's online shop for Feldenkrais resources by Australian and international practitioners. Whether you are young or elderly, have got back pain, a sore neck, knee issues, anxiety, neuro-muscular problems or would simply like to walk, run, play golf, rest or do anything else more efficiently and pleasurably, there's something here for you. *This is an eco-friendly business through reuse, recycling and carbon-offset.

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